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Loss Assessors Cheshire

Need a Loss Assessors in Cheshire?

Independent report reveal on average you will receive 20-25% more payout if you use a Loss Assessors,

so it’s simple common sense to use REST ASSURED LOSS ASSESSORS LIMITED when you have the misfortune to need to make a claim on your insurance policy.

Dealing directly with your insurance company on your behalf saving you the cost, effort and time.

You have many legal rights as a policy holder, not knowing what they are can be very costly when the insurance company comes to assess your damage.
REST ASSURED that we know exactly what you are entitled to and that we will make sure that you get it. Our FCA regulated LOSS ASSESSOR with years of experience in the field, will meet with the company LOSS ADJUSTER.

Our LOSS ASSESSOR walks through you property damage with the LOSS ADJUSTER while they compile their report and negotiates for you with them.

Knowing the true cost of repairing and replacing your damaged goods he makes sure your claim is


Cheshire Loss Assessors

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