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Loss Assessors Liverpool

Loss Assessors Liverpool

Need a Loss Assessors in Liverpool?

You will normally receive 20- 25% more on your claim using a loss assessor a recent report revealed.

As well as the expert advice our representative offers you’ll have the peace of mind, knowing we’ll be working on your behalf, in your hour of need

you can REST ASSURED of that.

Your policy entitles you to legal rights which you are probably unaware of, we  know your legal rights and will make sure you get them.

We eliminate the mistakes that you as a normal member of the public may make using our years of knowledge and experience when dealing with the insurance company.


A LOSS ASSESSOR meets with your insurance company representative a LOSS ADJUSTER and inspects the damage to your property.

He will make sure that your claim is not under estimated and that you get the true full value of your claim.

Without you having to deal with the insurance company.

Liverpool Loss Assessors

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